it looking a bit windy tomorrow for sailing. should I take my storm sail? ...

Maybe to cold also. But storm sail and extra clothes20:30 16-03-18António Dionísio
i am not sailing i ordered a new shed and need to get the site for it ready.20:33 16-03-18Mike Ayres
The wind chill is going to be the biggest problem I think, but we are a tough lot OR just a mad lot 😁20:59 16-03-18Mike Newby
Don't say that to loud I don't want the wife to know05:33 17-03-18Mike Ayres
Mad. Tomorrow I will be having a hangover following today's 6 nations game. Also have a little visitor in our compost heap who needs to be evicted09:22 17-03-18Phil Clapp
13:19 17-03-18Phil Clapp
Well you keen sailors did not miss much today as we even had to abandon the 'Safety Boat Course' just after lunchtime for safety reasons as winds were 25 mph and gusting up to 35 mph and with the -6 C wind chill it was even hard to talk, when we left you could not even see the lake 😁15:26 17-03-18Mike Newby
I was ready to go out. I'm taking the next expedition to the arctic17:28 17-03-18Manuel Greenwood
We had to ban Manuel from testing his storm sail 😁20:21 17-03-18Mike Newby
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Sailing this afternoon around one? It looks a bit windy but sunny ...

Sorry i can't make it today, family commitments.08:50 14-03-18Mike Ayres
When the nights get lighter, do people sail Wednesday afternoons after 5pm? I'd love to do some week day sailing but around work commitments10:05 14-03-18Stuart Square
Sorry Manuel, been a bit busy, lol 🙃13:27 14-03-18Mark Reid
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We have the second day of the Safety Boat Course on Saturday (17th March) and Neill has asked me if we could borrow a canoe to practice righting it after a capsize. We do not need anyone to go in the canoe!! Just need to borrow a canoe. Can any of you help with this? Phil ...

Phil Would the paddle board be of any use? Or surf kayak?18:02 13-03-18Dave Tudor
Hi Phil I have a 2 man inflatable canoe if thats any use18:55 13-03-18Steve Lawley
I have a canoe can deliver wed afternoon09:53 14-03-18Aubrey Law
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Something for the sailing club?

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1st Mike Ayres - Laser
2nd H Tudor - Laser 4.7 Radial
3rd S Jones - Solo
4th J Ellis - Wanderer
5th M Greenwood - British Moth

1st S Jones - Solo
2nd H Tudor - Laser 4.7 Radial
3rd Mike Ayres - Laser
4th M Greenwood - British Moth

OOD’s M Toll - A Law - R Rudman

We saw some great fast sailing from the rescue boat by all 😀20:01 12-03-18Mike Newby
Well done Potter ⛵️🤗🤗21:03 12-03-18JackieandPaul Armstrong
Great sailing guys , I’m jealous.07:52 13-03-18Glyn Jones
Well done Harry x08:05 13-03-18Lorna Tudor
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