Hi there you warm people no sailing to day just chatting. Glyn Jones, Mike NewbyNewby, Mike Tolll. Manuel Greenwood and me sipping hot Tea and Coffee in the club house. ...

Hope you enjoyed it ☕🍵. I😊19:18 17-12-17Phil Clapp
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I’ve always said our lake had its own weather eco system. Still frozen. ...

Omg. That's where? North pole?10:04 17-12-17António Dionísio
Sorry, I just missed you guys. Hope you had a good sail13:34 17-12-17Stuart Square
Were you in a little black car. If so we saw you drive in and again out, we were in the compound.17:38 17-12-17Glyn Jones
Nope, I don't have a key yet. Grey Honda for me17:41 17-12-17Stuart Square
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That’s it I’ve had enough of shopping.
I’m sailing tomorrow if anyone’s interested.

If the weathers too bad I’m serving tea and coffee at 11am if anyone’s interested

I like a back up plan so get the kettle on 😁13:49 16-12-17Mike Newby
if I was not working nights tonight would have joined you 🚑🚑🚑14:01 16-12-17Chris Sansom
Sorry can’t make it tomorrow.14:37 16-12-17Gary Harbourne
I'm in London this weekend so cannot make it16:11 16-12-17Phil Clapp
I will be there17:30 16-12-17Mike Ayres
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Ice gone lake looks good ...

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He’s either walking on water or the lake is still frozen. ...

Does that mean that Mike is skating instead of sailing? 😂18:16 13-12-17Richard Baker
He didn’t sail today, found him walking aimlessly around the lake, so took him off for a coffee in McDonald’s. 😁18:32 13-12-17Glyn Jones
He’s like an addict with withdrawal symptoms 😂19:03 13-12-17Richard Baker
Well done Commodore #care in the community 🙂23:48 13-12-17Mark Reid
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